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    Do you already know these tea facts?

    The healthy benefits of tea Benefits of tea While I have just arrived soaked and cold, I turn on the kettle for a nice cup of tea. It is standard in my routine to take a moment’s rest when I get home, nothing at all, just my tea and me. A win-win situation if you ask me, because tea is also very healthy. I have listed the healthiest teas (and what they are good for) for you! So grab a nice cup of tea and read this article. Do you want to know more about tea after this article? Click here for a free Tea guide e-book! Full of facts…

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    Retrospect: the 10 food trends of 2018

    The end of 2018 is in sight. Traditionally I look back every year on the food trends of the year. What kept us busy this year? What were the discussions about? At this my top 10 of 2018. 10. Lectin A big hype in America that cardiologist and cardiac surgeon Steven Gundry warns us about lectin. In his new book ‘The plant paradox’ he writes about the dangers of this substance. Lectin is a  vegetable protein . It belongs to the plant toxins. These are toxins that occur naturally in certain plants. But is Lectine really that bad for us? You read about lectin in this article . 9. National prevention agreement The national prevention agreement was published on 23 November . The goal of this agreement is to make the…

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    The Best Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream

    Ingredients for 1 pint 3 cups  cashews, ½ cup (65 g) if simply making sufficient for the ice cream (390 g)¼ cup  water (60 mL)1 ¼ cups  natural sugar (250 g)4 tablespoons  cocoa butter4 tablespoons  coconut oil1 teaspoon  salt1 cup  coconut milk (240 mL)1 teaspoon  vanilla extract1 vanilla bean SPECIAL EQUIPMENT ice cream maker Preparation Place the cashews in a huge bowl. Add sufficient room-temperature water to cover the cashews. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel and soak in a single day. Place the bowl of an ice cream device within the freezer in a single day. Add the cashews and soaking water to a blender. Blend, beginning on…

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    Is there vitamin D in chocolate?

    Now that the days are getting darker and shorter, it is important to pay attention to our vitamin D intake. This week it was over in the media that chocolate would be a good source of vitamin D. But is this also correct? I searched it out for you.  The short answer:  There are strong indications that chocolate contains vitamin D2. However, this amount is very variable and you should eat huge amounts of chocolate to get enough vitamin D. This is not healthy due to the amounts of fat and sugar. Vitamin D Vitamin D is crucial for a healthy and well-functioning body. A vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of health risks. Read more about vitamin D…

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    Vegetable And Shrimp Lumpia

    Cooking for a crowd and want the perfect appetizer? Try making those shrimp and veggie-filled lumpia, or, as they’re noted within the Philippines, lumpia togue– togue which means bean sprout. Your guests will love the crisp wrappers and flavor-packed filling, and you’ll love how quickly a batch may be whipped up. You can also make those ahead of time, freeze, and fry a few days later! Total Timehalf-hour Prep Time10 minutes Cook Time20 mins Ingredientsfor 16 lumpias SWEET CHILI SAUCE ½ cup  water, plus 1 tablespoon, divided (a hundred and twenty mL)3 cloves garlic, minced2 large fresno chiles, minced¼ cup  sugar (50 g)⅓ cup  rice vinegar (80 mL)2 teaspoons  kosher…

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    Vitamin D supplements do not contribute to healthier bones

    Vitamin D and bone health are inextricably linked. If you say vitamin D, you say healthy bones. But now it appears from a recent meta-analysis that extra supplementation with vitamin D does nothing for our bone health. Should we leave the supplements now? Vitamin D Vitamin D is important for a healthy and well-functioning body. A shortage of this vitamin increases the chance of health risks. Do you want to know more about this? Read this extensive article about vitamin D. Vitamin D and bone health Vitamin D is important for good bone growth in children and the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. It ensures that calcium can be properly absorbed. And calcium plays an important role in maintaining…

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    How do I get muscular arms?

    Almost all men long for muscular arms. But how do you get those thick steel cables? Triceps are important You do not get those bigger arms just by doing bicep curls. The size of your biceps is largely determined by the triceps. If you have strong and large triceps, your arms will automatically become thicker. So train your biceps and triceps! Change of schedule For your arms to grow, it is important to give your muscles a good training stimulus. This can be done by increasing the load and getting a little heavier to train. Another option is to do some other exercises once in a while so that you address all the heads of the…

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    What to do at parties, drinks and food outside the door?

    You’ll probably recognize this feeling: you are at a party and see all kinds of tasty snacks and drinks. You must do your best to keep you in. How do you resist the temptation of all those tasty snacks and get-togethers? In this article I give you some tips to deal with this temptation.  Dining out You can also watch what you eat outside the door. But how do you do this? The trick is to make sensible choices in a restaurant. Do not take more than you would eat at home and choose consciously for the healthier products. To make it easier for you to make conscious and healthy choices, there are four important tips below.…

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    should children learn to cook at school?

    Children must be able to cook at least ten healthy, cheap and tasty dishes by the time they finish school. That is at least the opinion of Mary Berry, a British cookbook writer. TV chef Jamie Oliver also advocates food education for school children. I wonder how you think about that. Do children have to learn how to cook at primary school? Better eating habits Learning to cook at a young age can have a positive influence on eating habits in later life. By helping to prepare or cooking by yourself, children learn more about nutrition and healthy eating. Cooking is also important for the development of taste: it appears that children who helped with cooking…

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    Is muscle damage necessary for muscle growth?

    It is often claimed that good training must be followed by muscle pain. The worse the better. But does this theory still stand? Did you get the most out of your training if you can barely move the days after? The short answer:  There is no doubt that heavy training can lead to muscle damage and muscle pain. But for the time being there is little or no evidence that muscle damage is mainly responsible for muscle growth. Muscle growth is probably a result of other training effects, such as tension on your muscles and metabolic stress. More and more studies show that these two factors are the main reasons for muscle growth. What determines muscle growth?…

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